Mesotic designs and manufactures products in different domains such as visionm connected objects, and health.



Mesotic produces augmented reality and virtual reality glasses, or specialised Vision boards. We have designed several products including GAFAS, URAS and Top-Owl simulator.


Connected Objects

Mesotic can make a highly qualified team available to you to meet the embedded electronics market’s increasing demand in the connected object sector.



Mesotic has developed various healthcare products such as the PATCHBIOS sensor, a research project on a smart “Bio sensor”.

Closest to your needs

In 2015 Mesotic decided to develop its own products, capitalising on the knowledge it had acquired in the vision sector.

MESOTIC also provides its clients base development blocks. In an environment in which development schedules are increasingly tight, MESOTIC must use its internal resources and know-how, and also ‘turnkey’ style modules (inertial units, transmission modules).

  • Professional graphic boards
  • Lora multi-protocol gateway
  • Pico projectors on translucent screens (replacement of various forms of LCD screen)
  • Augmented reality technology blocks
  • EDID Emulation board for HDMI cable
  • OLED and LCOS micro-display control board
  • Colour 1.3Mpx OLED
  • Monochrome 5Mpx OLED
  • LCOS colour technology QVGA VGA SVGA filter
  • LCOS colour sequential technology SVGA, WXGA